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Gingko biloba Living Fossil from Tranquille Shale, B.C. Canada

Gingko dissecta and Metasequoia occidentalis (Dawn Redwood) Association

Gingko dissecta Living Fossil Part and Counterpart

Truly Superb Gingko dissecta Plant Fossil Part and Counterpart

Wholesale Lot of 24 Cleoniceras iridescent Cretaceous Ammonites

Wholesale Lot of 50 Pseudosonneratia sp iridescent Cretaceous Ammonites

Large Gem Modocia brevispina Trilobite from Wheeler Shale

Longusorbis cuniculosus Cretaceous Crab Fossil from B.C. Canada

Large Dactylocera Jurassic Ammonite from Northern Chili

Xenoceltites Triassic Ammonites from Thayes Formation Utah

Opalized Neohibolites Cretaceous Belemite Fossil from Australia

Gogia spiralis Cambrian Eocrinoid from Wheeler Shale

Gem Modocia typicalis Trilobite from Marjum Formation

Bug Puddle - Three Large Choice Elrathia kingii Trilobites in Rare Proximity

Jurassic Ammonite from Chili in Matrix

Gymnocidaris exotically decorated 3D Jurassic Echinoid

Cricket and Leaf Fossil Association from Green River Formation

Insect Fossil Death Assemblage with Flower from Green River

Libellula doris Beetle Fossils Assemblage from Italy

Paleocene Stromatolites from Utah

Elrathia kingii Trilobite with Anomalocaris Bite

Ctenocystis Cambrian Echinoderm from Marjum Formation

Opalized Cretaceous Belemite Fossil from Australia

Harpaetocareinus punctulatus Eocene Crab Fossil from Italy

Longusorbis cuniculosus Cretaceous Crab Fossil from British Columbia

Glossopteris Permian Plant Fossil from Australia


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