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Exquisite Paladin transilis Carboniferous Trilobite from Russia

Paladin transilis Trilobite

Age: Upper Carboniferous
Size: The trilobite is 1 3/16” in length on a small flat lying piece of matrix.
Fossil Location: Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region, Russia
Comments: During the Carboniferous Period trilobites continued on their steady decline to extinction. In general, trilobites from this late period are quite rare and highly collectable. In particular, these Russian Paladins, are highly desirable. Known for their almost sculpted white marble type appearance, they are quite beautiful to behold. This one, besides a few minor flaws is an outstanding example of this aesthetic. It has had absolutely no reconstruction or enhancement. I acquired it directly through the Russian field collector
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Paladin transilis Trilobite

Paladin Trilobite

Paladin transilis