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Huge Pristine Paradoxides Centerpiece Trilobite from Morocco

Paradoxides sp Trilobite

Age: Cambrian
Size: The trilobite is 13” in length on a 16” x 17 ½” plate
Fossil Location: Jbel Wawrmast Formation (Tissafinian Stage) Morocco
The Moroccan genus Paradoxides is one of the largest of trilobites genera recorded. They often died in large numbers, piled up on each other across vast areas. Huge plates with numerous well-preserved specimens are amongst the world’s most impressive and expensive fossils. I have generally stayed away from buying a lot of Moroccan trilobites, partially because of the controversy surrounding fakes, composites and heavily restored specimens. However, I love Lower Cambrian trilobites and absolutely had to acquire the finest preserved Paradoxides I could find at the Tucson Mineral and Fossil Show this year. So, I went and visited the oldest and most trusted wholesaler of Moroccan fossils at the Mineral and Fossil Co-op. The owner is Bob Barker. We have a long relationship and I asked him to show me his finest Paradoxides specimens. There were about eight, most coming from a new quarry. I picked the one that I believed had the finest aesthetics and preservation. Along with a few associates including a Moroccan paleontologist/dealer, a geologist and an important American trilobite collector, we sat down with Bob Barker and this specimen. We proceeded to go over every inch of it, front and back looking for signs of reconstruction and repair. Needless to say, this one is about perfect. There is a repaired matrix crack on the far left side of the plate. It wasn’t cheap for me to buy, nor will it be for you. Needless to say, sometimes you just have to have the best.
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Paradoxides Centerpiece Trilobite from Morocco

Paradoxides Centerpiece Trilobite