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Excellent Orbitoplax Crab Fossil from Oregon

Orbitoplax stephonsoni

Size: The fossil crab is 2 ¾” in width.
Fossil Location: Eocene, Gold Beach, Oregon
Comments: This is very well preserved specimen of Orbitoplax. Both arms and claws are exquisitely preserved. Six mostly complete legs are present. The specimen exhibits a tan/brown color set off nicely against the light gray background concretion. It was discovered by cracking the concretion in which it was residing for so many millions of years. The concretion was then re-glued and painstakingly curated with air abrasion. (The positive never splits cleanly from the negative in these concretions.) Many hours of skilled work are required to prepare one of these crab concretions.
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Orbitoplax Crab Fossil from Oregon