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Moroccan Plumulites Annelid Feathery Worm Grand Association Plate


Order: Turrilepadomorpha Family: Plumulititidae
Age: Ordovician (Machaeridian
Size: The Plumulites is 2 1/16”. The cystoid is 1 1/2:” on a small 5 x 7 ¼” irregular shaped plate.
Fossil Location: Lower Ktaova, Mecissi, Morocco
Comments: What a wonderful association plate. Not only is a superb Plumulites featured, but, also a wonderfully detailed Cystoid, a small Edrioasteroid and bonus Onnia sp. WOW! Plumulites was a slug like Metazoan, or, armored worm. The armoured annelid worm is the relative of the modern-day earthworm, leech and bristleworm. They have only recently been quarried and brought to the fossil market place. Generally, the preservation of the fossils is sketchy and poor, as they were soft-bodied. This particular specimen is well preserved presenting a bright rust/orange patina, displaying excellent detail of the feathery appendages. It fully exhibits the complete body, including the tapered head and tail. The spinal cord is clearly evident. The plate was cracked and repaired.
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