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Aesthetic Association of Two Pseudogigyties Trilobites from Ontario

Pseudogigyties latimarginatus Trilobites

Age: Ordovician
Size: The two trilobites are 1 7/8” and 1 6/16” on a 4 x 8” thick, solid limestone plate.
Fossil Location:Whitby Formation, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.
Comments: Pseudogigyties latimarginatus are a classic Canadian, Ordovician species. These two are both very well preserved, with some of their white calcite skin still attached. They are well placed on show very well on this a thick black limestone plate. This piece comes from an old collection. The supply of Canadian trilobites has profoundly dipped over the last few years, and plates of this quality are increasingly difficult to obtain.
Price: $250.00 Code #: PFT826 Free postage in the USA

Pseudogigyties Trilobites from Ontario

Pseudogigyties Trilobites