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Menacing Olenoides inflatus Trilobite from Utah

Olenoides inflatus Trilobite

Age: Middle Cambrian
Size: The trilobite is 1 ¾” on a solid limestone block.
Fossil Location: Marjum Shale, House Range, Utah
Comments: Olenoides from Utah are on the very top of the list for any serious collector of Western States Trilobites. And at the pinnacle of that short list is Olenoides inflatus. They are very rare, difficult to collect and time consuming to prepare professionally. Look at all those magnificent spines, big fat glabella, and in particular, the occipital spine. Wow! There is certainly a lot going on with this species. What makes this one even more interesting is the possible predatory pathology on the right side of the thorax. Need I even mention how visually impacting this Olenoides is to behold. It was legally collected from a privately leased state quarry.
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