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Pioneering Branchiosaurus Permian Amphibian Fossil from Germany

Name: Branchiosaurus dracyiensis (Boy 1972)
Class: Amphibia Order: Temnospondyli Family: Eryopoidea
Age: Permian (about 285 mya)
Size: (25.4mm=1 inch): The primary Branchiosaurus is 2” in length.
Location: Rotiegendes,Unit, Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany
Description: Of interest to many paleontologists are the transitional fossils of early amphibians. These creatures needed both aquatic and terrestrial environments to survive. My German fossil dealer associate kindly sent me a small batch of these rare Branchiosaurus dracyiensis amphibian fossils. This one is the best preserved of the lot. The head and vertebrae are very well preserved, showing excellent detail. Take note of the reed like plant paralleling the Branchiosaurus on the right side. The unusual white colored specimen contrasts well against the purple/brownish colored matrix. Branchiosaurus is a genus of small, lightly built early prehistoric amphibians. Fossils have been discovered in strata dating from the late Pennsylvanian Epoch to the Permian Period. This tiny amphibian was very similar to the Rachitomi, differing primarily in size.
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