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Richie’s love of fossils goes back to his early teens when he stumbled upon small Devonian fossils in the rocky rubble of the cleared fields by his home in Northern New Jersey. In 1999 he posted a modest one page website called Richie’s Rocks on the Internet. The purpose of this site was to exchange fossils with other collectors from around the world. Serendipity struck, and Richie’s Rocks, perhaps the world’s first fossil trading site, became quite a sensation. This soon led to a commercial website, Pangaea Fossils. The Western Trilobites Association, a collaborative educational and academic site hit the web in 2004. Thousands of collectors, as well as many paleontologists make use of its detailed and scientific content.
Finally, Richie was asked to become an associate of the Fossil Mall in 2007.

Along the way, Richie has connected with many of the top paleontologists, field collectors and dealers from across the world. His fossils now reside in numerous museums, institutions and world-class collections. Photos of his fossil acquisitions and finds grace countless paleo web sites, publications, and journals. Richie even has a writing and research credit for a Journal of Paleontology article. (Citation upon request) Another J of P note is being considered for a possibly new Cambrian Porpita type species he recently discovered in Southern California.